Dennis Rodman And Some Cute Kittens (a story of passion and search engine optimizing)

Becky shook the nervousness out of her hands and answered her first freelance writing email.

I love the pics of your Tahoe rental. Thanks so much for asking me to write your website content. Sure I’ve heard of SEO. I’ll get started today and send you something soon.

“What the heck is SEO?” Becky asked her cat. She searched it. “Oh. Easy. Write what people are Google searching for.”

Dear Mr. Maloney, what do you think of grabbing them with the title Dennis Rodman and Cute Kittens?

Dear Becky, I think we better stick with a title that will attract people who are looking for a rental in Tahoe. Thanks for getting to work quickly.

You’re welcome Mr. Maloney, so how about Stay at Shaun White’s Favorite Tahoe Rental?

Becky, I think that might be a legal problem. Keep brainstorming.

Mr. Maloney, how about Cozy, Affordable Rental Tahoe Cabin.

Let’s go with that, Becky.

Mr. Maloney, as for the paragraph about the cabin, I think there are a few things we should mention several times for high optimization. Something like this:
The view! The view! The view from this cozy, cozy cabin will absolutely make your vacation. Inexpensive and affordable, the cozy cabin (did I mention the view?) might tempt you to stay in instead of hiking or skiing around Lake Tahoe. Cozy, affordable, beautiful view, what more could you want? Cabin. Cozy. Rent. Cabin. Tahoe.

Hmmm, Becky. That might get them to the website, but I don’t know if it will make them want to contact me. Once they get to the site, we want to make sure they keep reading.

I had this great idea, Mr. Maloney. Here it is. I think they’ll keep reading.
Jennica gazed out the charming window at the snow-laden evergreens and the sapphire lake beyond. No sooner had she wished that Dirk would join her than he had his arms around her waist.
“Come to the bedroom,” he whispered, pulling her sleeve off her shoulder, kissing.
She thought of the two spacious, inviting bedrooms, but shrugged Dirk off.
“Just let me clean up the kitchen. It won’t take long since I used the microwave and there’s a dishwasher.”
“No. The dishes can wait.”
He pulled her into the master bedroom. On her way to the bed she glanced into the immaculate master bath and felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Dear Becky, I’m sorry to have to say I hired another writer. I’ll be at the cabin next weekend though. I’d love to meet you.


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2 responses to “Dennis Rodman And Some Cute Kittens (a story of passion and search engine optimizing)

  1. tarammts

    So funny! This is great!

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