Dress Codes, a discussion with myself

Last week, a local junior high banned skinny jeans and leggings without skirts or shorts over them. All the girls were herded into the gym and told that these pants were a distraction.
Well, those leggings ARE too tight.
But boys wear skinny jeans, too. Why weren’t they in the gym?
Good point. Maybe the girls should start catcalling when boys walk across campus, and then the boys will be included in the dress code.
Very funny. I concede that the boys should be included, too, but don’t you agree that leggings show too much?
This from the girl who said she wishes Adam and Eve wouldn’t have eaten the apple so that we could all be nudists.
No fair. No one else knows I said that. I’m not even sure I said it out loud. Sacramento was a really hot place to grow up. And anyway, Adam and Eve did sin, and boys (okay, SOME boys) are distracted by girls wearing certain kinds of clothing.
Show me the study. I bet boys perform just as poorly on a grammar test in a room full of girls with regular jeans as in a room full of girls with skinny jeans.
But girls that age don’t know what boys are thinking. They need a little guidance.
Maybe it’s the boys that need the guidance.
Well fine, let’s give the boys guidance, too.
We’d better, because once a day, during the swim unit of gym in the spring, we make the girls change out of their appropriate jeans and parade themselves in front of the boys in swimsuits. Aren’t leggings better than swimsuits?
That’s different!
How? Hey, I bet boys would actually perform BETTER in their swimming classes because they’re showing off for those swimsuit-clad girls they can’t take their eyes off. Maybe we should even put the girls in swimsuits in English class. Seriously, have they done studies? We might get some great new poets.
Nice objectification of women!
Nice curtailing of women’s freedoms!
We’re both for women’s freedoms, you know that.
I know. Darn you, Adam and Eve.


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2 responses to “Dress Codes, a discussion with myself

  1. PS, the school retracted the new codes after the negative reaction.

  2. woopsies got my italics and non italics mixed up part way through. Don’t like how wordpress shows italics when you’re writing them!

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