How I Lost Those Last 10 Pounds (and kept them off!)

People keep asking me how I lost my ten pounds. Did I eat carbs? (Jesus ate carbs, and so do I) Did I juice? (Only by chewing) Did I exercise? (I was actually lazier than ever) The answer is quite simple.


Publishers say you can’t use backstory. You have to start with the action and weave the backstory in. Luckily I don’t need publishers. I will just click “publish” when I’m done and assume that my readers don’t have the attention spans of kindergarteners. Here’s my backstory.

As I grew up playing year-round softball, and my mom cooked healthy meals and didn’t buy soda or doughnuts, and I got skinny genes (that’s genes with a ‘g’ for those of you having Siri read this to you) I started off my adult life at a rather thin 120 pounds. When I had morning sickness I got down to 104! Don’t worry, that’s not what I’m recommending for you.

After having my daughter, I eventually got back to 120, but after I turned 30, I gradually made my way up to 150. Then, after a month of two illnesses and an injury bad enough to ruin my appetite, I ended up at 140. Don’t worry, I’m definitely not recommending that either.


With no weightloss aspirations, last New Year’s I randomly decided to cut my sugar intake to only two pints a month of Kozy Shack pudding. I don’t know why. I know sugar is evil, but I didn’t want to go without it completely. Why Kozy Shack pudding? I have no idea. I like it. Bonus, it’s all natural.


The first thing that happened was I realized an open container of Kozy Shack wasn’t going to stay edible for two weeks, so I switched to two pints a week. My goal was not weight loss, so I was surprised when I weighed myself after a week or so and had lost two pounds. I continued to lose two pounds a week through all of January. Unholy crap, I thought. I must have been eating a lot of sugar before!

Three things I’d like to point out here:
1. January was too cold for walking, so I sat around a lot during this time.
2. I did not (and never did) eat sugar substitutes. Yuck.
3. I did not cut back on fats. I love lots of full-fat sour cream on my burritos and lots of butter on my toast.

Besides not ordering lemon cakes at Starbucks, and saying no to cookies and cake, a major change was switching from a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast to a piece of toast (with butter!) fruit, and sometimes an egg.

And that’s it! I have even cheated many times, but even with the cheats, I figure I still eat less sugar than I would if I didn’t have the resolution at all. At first, I checked the ingredients of crackers, bread, everything, and I’ve slacked off on that a bit, but I still weigh 130, which I’m very happy with. I actually feel healthier than I did back when I weighed 120.

So what I AM recommending is that you try cutting your sugar before you go crazy with counting calories and buying a pedometer. It’s simpler than counting calories, healthy even if you don’t lose weight, and doesn’t cause repetitive stress injuries like exercise.

Marie out.

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