5 Unique Gift Ideas For Teens This Father’s Day

1. Do Your Homework
So that you can get a scholarship, so that Dad doesn’t have to pay for your education. Also, he won’t have to wonder if he’s going to have to support you til you’re 30. Note: He might not support you til you’re 30.

2. Let Him Win A Video Game
You’re old enough to know. He stacked the deck so you’d win at Candyland. Practice this: “You got me, Dad. Remind me to have you on my team in a real zombie apocalypse.”

3. Acknowledge Him In Public
Just once. You don’t have to say you love him. A simple “Bye Dad,” in front of your friends will make his day. You probably don’t remember, but at least once when you were a toddler a scenario like this happened:

Dad to new middle-aged neighbor: Welcome to the neighborhood! This is my daughter/son.
New neighbor: What a delightful child!
Dad: If you need anything, we’re right next door.
Neighbor: Well thanks, see you around!
You: Daddy is that a boy or a girl?

He didn’t pretend not to know you. He smiled and took you in the house and fed you and helped you use the potty. You owe him one.

4. Volunteer For Something Charitable
It’ll make him look like he did a good job raising you. He does deserve a little of the credit for how awesome you are.

5. Let Him Take A Nap
He needs it.


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2 responses to “5 Unique Gift Ideas For Teens This Father’s Day

  1. Becky

    This is the best gift list I’ve ever seen. Thanks.

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