Your Own Little Political Party

How many political parties would there be if we took all the most divisive topics and founded a political party for every possible combination of beliefs? Even if we narrowed it down to A/B choices about foreign policy/military, gun control, gay marriage, abortion, education, business oversight, and welfare, we’d have dozens of political parties. And each of those topics could have several points of view. We’d really have to have at least A/B/C/D choices for each one. John wants an Old West gun-slingin’ free-for-all. Liam might be pro gun control, but Jen wants every gun confiscated and sent into space. David wants abortion totally illegal, while Carmen thinks it should be legal in certain circumstances, Su thinks it should be legal in different certain circumstances, and Logan thinks it should always be the woman’s choice.

How many political parties would we have? They would be so specific that we’d each have our own little, and I mean little, political party. I am a near pacifist, tight gun control, let people marry who they want (some people are born with male and female genitalia, for goodness* sake, are you going to check?) more money for education, heavy business regulation lefty who thinks government should help the poor, BUT, I’m in a little group of lefties who are pro-life except in the direst of situations. And I was soooo close to getting a bunch of lefty votes.**

We all have our own little political party. If you don’t have your own, you might want to think a little bit harder. There are a lot of variables here, and my list is nowhere near complete. What are the chances that you would agree with one of the major parties on every issue? Statistically, it’s unlikely in the extreme. Some issues you might not even (gasp) be able to come to a conclusion on. It’s okay. Enjoy your little party. Don’t be afraid to say how your views differ from the mainstream. Not that you shouldn’t vote for one of the big two, (I do) but at least think for yourself before making that important decision.

With love from the Marie party.


**since writing this I’ve learned a lot about abortion rates coming down to pre Roe v Wade numbers due to education and birth control availability, and I’ve thought more about the impossibility of policing abortions for certain reasons and moved to the left on this, too. Time to run for office? Millard 2020!


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3 responses to “Your Own Little Political Party

  1. Becky Maloney

    I was so excited to reach voting age, and it happened in a presidential election year. Then I cried because there wasn’t anyone I really wanted to vote for. It’s been a bit of a rough road ever since.

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