5 Novel Plots For Beginning Novelists

Many people think it would be fun to try writing a novel during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) but don’t know where to start. While I would encourage you to write the plot of your wildest dreams, here are 5 ideas, my free gift to you, if you can’t think of anything. (Want to go for it? Go to nanowrimo.org to sign up – it’s free!)

1. Small town chooses one of their families to star in a reality show on their public access channel. Could be a group other than a family.

2. Cat vampires.

3. 65-year-old Millie, the new president of her gardening club, tries to continue the well-received plans of her predecessor, only to have her ideas trashed. She comes up with some great new ideas, only to have those trashed, too. Rumor has it that it’s all because she moved to town in her teens, and all the other members were born in the small town.

4. Aliens are going to destroy Earth, but they offer Cameron a chance to come live on their planet. Does he take it?

5. Jake and Vanessa think that the universe is trying to stop their love. They come up with ridiculous reasons that they can’t be together. Wait, that’s every romance novel.

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