Thirty-one Days of Thankfulness

I am competitive, so I see your thirty days of November thankfulness and raise you one day. Also, I’m lazy, so I’m doing them all at once. And, I like a mental challenge, so I won’t use the easy ones (though I’m very much thankful for God, family, health, freedom, and home.) Further, I love poetry, so they will rhyme. Just kidding, too lazy.

1. I have never been seen by the police when I run the stop sign by my house. Taking one for the team so the people behind me can get out, too.
2. I don’t have lice.
3. My pants have never fallen down in public.
4. Fall leaves.
5. I never watch the local news, except for right now, when I’m waiting to see our local high school football team. Horrifying.
6. No poisonous snakes live in my neighborhood.
7. I have some Kozy Shack pudding in my fridge.
8. I got a new fridge for my birthday.
9. Libraries.
10.Indoor plumbing (that’s for my mom, who always puts that on her thankfulness list.)
12.Buster Posey
13.No one’s called the cops when I’m brushing my daughter’s hair.
14.All those struggles that have made me a better person. Just kidding! We’re supposed to feel that way, but I don’t. I think I was nicer before.
15.No one has cloned me.
16.I’m halfway through this list.
18.That person who says what we’re all thinking about a rude customer.
19.I’ve seen shooting stars.
20.But never up close.
24.Change, when you want it.
25.Monotony when you don’t.
28.Wait, Buster Posey should be number 28.
29.I’m almost done being thankful.
31.Baskin Robbins.

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One response to “Thirty-one Days of Thankfulness

  1. Becky Maloney

    Thanks for making me laugh this morning! I have often thought about being grateful for seeing shooting stars but never thought to be grateful that I haven’t seen one up close. And I’m glad no one has called the cops on you during hair brushing.

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