Review of Disney’s Frozen

It was about 32 degrees when my husband, my daughter, and I went to see Frozen. It seemed a perfect fit. I almost missed the movie because I went to the bathroom before it started, and the relatively small room was about 90 degrees. I almost stayed in there to warm myself up while the rest of the family watched the movie. I’m glad I didn’t stay in the bathroom, though, because not only was the theater pretty warm, too, but the movie was great. It has a good message, likeable characters, great singing, and some really funny lines. Of course the funniest line, to my family, wasn’t maybe supposed to be funny. It’s something like, “What good is a ballroom if you don’t have any balls?” I’m serious. Be prepared. We weren’t, and so we giggled embarrassingly. They couldn’t have written this line without second guessing it, right?

So, see the movie. Who can put a price on family moments like balls jokes and shushing your children for an hour and a half? The shushing was the fault of the theater, not Disney, because the bag for the Welch’s fruit snacks we bought at the concession stand was way too crinkly for a theater. I spent the first half of the movie wondering if it was just me, or if everyone could hear my daughter searching for a gummy fruit. Forty five minutes of wondering whether her yelling “I’m trying to be quiet,” at me if I mentioned how loud it was would be better than the constant CRINKLE CRINKLE.

During Elsa’s big song, “Let It Go,” my husband leaned over my daughter to say, “This reminds me of Wicked,” whereupon my daughter said, “If you guys are going to talk, why don’t I just let you sit next to each other?” Chastened, we shut up, but after a second, I realized why my husband had been reminded of Wicked. Duh! Elsa’s voice was Idina Menzel. I was sure of it. How could I not share this information? I hate talking during movies, but this could not wait. “That’s Idina Menzel,” I whispered loudly. Then I shushed my daughter for the crinkling.

Well, I realize I’m reviewing my family more than Frozen, but I don’t want to give too much away. I loved it. You should see it. I will need to see it again, too, because it’s possible I was just so happy to be out of the cold. I’ll rereview it after I watch the DVD.

(Balls! Hee hee!)


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3 responses to “Review of Disney’s Frozen

  1. We would have laughed loudly at the balls line.

  2. Two eyes were rolled during that line: mine. There were some definite modern Broadway groaners in there

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