Things I Don’t Care Enough About To Blog About

Whether people say happy holidays or merry Christmas, who’s twerking now, how so-and-so doesn’t respect me, whether or not something is a first world problem, homeschooling, FOMO, (now fear of missing out on chocolate, there’s a topic!) media bias, arts and crafts, fashion, celebrity marriages, exercise, how early stores decorate for Christmas, whether rap is music…

Oh yes, and what a star of a reality show that I don’t watch said about gay people.

And even if I did care enough, you, gentle reader, would not change your mind about the topic based on what I write. My right wing Christian friends are posting articles of solidarity with the Duck Dynasty crew, and my liberal friends are posting anti Duck Dynasty articles. I have yet to see a comment that says, “Oh, I see! Now I’m on your side! Gee, I’ve had it wrong all along!”

So, instead I will entertain you with this story of what happened to me when I was Christmas shopping. (Did I mention that I have no idea when the store decorated for Christmas?) There was one line forming for two registers. But only one of the registers was manned, so the first guy in line (I was second) went and stood behind the woman being helped at the manned register. But just then, a man manned the other register and said to me, “I can help you over here, ma’am.” Aside from the fact that everyone knows that women don’t want to be called ma’am, it makes them feel old, I thought the man who had been in front of me should get dibs on the new register, so I said, “I think he was first.”

I then received a look from the cashier unlike any I have received before. “I can HELP you over HERE, MA’AM.” How dare I question his line directing authority?!

I was very kind to him. I believe I killed him with kindness, in fact. If you hear of a cashier who dropped dead for no apparent reason on December 18th, I might have been responsible.

Were you entertained? I’m sorry I didn’t use your time to reinforce your opinions about twerking, media bias, or Duck Dynasty. And now, I take my leave. I’m afraid I may be missing out on some chocolate.


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2 responses to “Things I Don’t Care Enough About To Blog About

  1. Yep! Kill them with kindness–works 99% of the time.

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