My Post Blog Interview If I Were a Seahawk

Marie, how does it feel to have this writing success?

I’m the best! The BEST! The best freelance writer in America. You want words like persnickety and joie de freakin vivre? You’re not going to get them from Jennifer Crabtree at elance. She’s a sorry writer. Did you SEE my last blog? Did you SEE it? So don’t talk about me. Don’t TALK. About ME.

Who’s talking about you?

Francisco at Harbaugh Publishing. Said my YA novel didn’t have enough romance. Well look who has thirty likes on their last blog post, which is like, the ‘going to the superbowl’ of freelance writing? Not Francisco. Okay, maybe Francisco does have that, too, but he said I never would, and bam. I do. Not enough romance, Francisco? Bam.

And what’s your response to your fans who threw food at writer Maddie Bowman as she was carted off to get surgery for her carpal tunnel syndrome?

I don’t condone that. It’s terrible that Bowman got injured.

Marie, your fans are tweeting right now. They have come to your defense and said that writers are sometimes so full of adrenaline and testosterone after writing a great piece that they can’t help insulting people and coming off as classless. What do you have to say about that?

Hey, Jennifer Crabtree has said stuff about my writing that no one’s ever heard, but now I say something back and I’m the bad guy? I’m not a villain. Just the best writer in America.


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2 responses to “My Post Blog Interview If I Were a Seahawk

  1. Grant

    I’m the first to comment!! The first!! Go Grant!!!

    (hey that felt good)

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