This Just In – Thousands of Children Understand Math for the First Time and No Pics of Their Homework Go Viral

Tuesday, March 25th, fourth grader Floyd Flugelander finally understood how estimation could help him check his answers, but no one thought to take a picture of his homework. Chloe Kaploey’s teacher Maria Padilla spent her lunch break facilitating a breakthrough in Chloe’s math skills and remembered to take a picture, but no one else shared it. Said Maria’s Facebook friends when I interviewed them, “There was just no punch to the picture. Big deal. A happy kid and a correct math problem. Where’s the sarcastic comment from the parents who could have taught it better? Borrrring.”

Other friends neglected to share Maria’s picture for different reasons altogether. Doug Badoogle said, “We just can’t encourage kids like Chloe to think that they can succeed. I say stick to the old teaching methods and let them sink or swim. See who’s really smart. Plus, if we let the teachers try all sorts of methods, they’ll think they should get paid more.”

I asked Maria if any other pics from her years of teaching had gone viral. “Yes,” she said. “One day, I’d been up all night with my grandma in the E.R. and I didn’t want to call in a sub because we had a field trip to the science museum the next day. While I was correcting papers before class, one of my students threw up on my shoes. I quickly finished grading her paper so her parents could have it before the weekend, but, my mind being in fifty different places, I wrote “their looking great” instead of “they’re looking great.” Her parents wrote ‘W-H-O-S-E teaching our children?’ on the assignment, snapped a picture, and the evidence of my grammar error swept the nation. Some people commented on the parents’ grammar error, but not many.”

Maria showed us her vomit-stained shoes and my photographer snapped a picture. We shared the pic as a tribute to what our teachers endure. Unfortunately, someone changed the caption and shared it worldwide as “How our teachers dress brings shame on America.”

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