This Just In – Moms Seek To Unionize

After hearing the news that college football players are seeking to unionize, Becky Potecky of Sleepless, PA, called a few of her mom friends and had a meeting with a local union organizer.

Her concerns are that her children benefit from her financially, and that she is treated unfairly. She’ll be looking for her children to provide her with six hours of sleep per night, a lunch break, and an end to verbal abuse, and rubber gloves.

Becky’s five-year-old daughter Madison sat down to speak with us. Actually she got up to dance around quite a bit.

Us: What do you think about your mom and her friends unionizing?

Madison: They already unionize every Wednesday night for wine and a “book discussion.”

Us: You have quite a good grasp on air quotes, Madison. Do you ever use sarcasm against your mom? Can you see why she’d be seeking protection from your verbal abuse?

Madison: I say I get unfair punishment when I sass her. My brothers and I should be the ones unionizing.

But the one-year old twins were unavailable for comment.

We asked Becky if she worried that her kids would fire her when they heard the union rumors. She said that’s a possibility she’s willing to face.

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