Quiz! Which Human Are You?

Which Human Are You?

1. Someone cuts in front of you in the coffee line. You
A. Say “Excuse me, the line’s back there.”
B. Let them go and sincerely forgive them in your heart. Love, man.
C. Surreptitiously take a picture for public shaming.

2. Choose a celebrity.
A. Tori Kelly
B. Logan Lerman
C. I feel old.

3. What do you most look for in a significant other?
A. Honesty
B. Kindness
C. Anyone who can choose just one of those is going to have problems.

4. Where would you most like to visit?
A. In my living room – here, take the comfy chair.
B. online
C. Paris

5. What should happen to the Clippers’ owner?
A. He should have to switch bodies with Chris Rock for a day.
B. He should have to play a full length game of basketball against the Globetrotters.
C. He should have his heart grown three sizes.

6. What quiz result have you gotten that made you take the quiz again after some serious self-reflection?
A. Voldemort
B. The Mad Hatter
C. Tinkerbell

7. What should you be doing right now?
A. Working
B. Sleeping
C. Saving the world.

Calculating results…

Congratulations! You are (your name here)!!! You are not like anyone else, despite the limited number of answer combinations here. Enjoy being you 🙂


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3 responses to “Quiz! Which Human Are You?

  1. C. Well, NOW I feel old. Who ARE those people?

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