Humor Police, episode 1:

After seventy-some (attempting to be) funny blog entries, I have learned a thing or two about what people think is funny. And,, satirical articles claiming that 92% of murderers have Asperger’s Syndrome is unfunny to 99% of the population.

One of my friends, the parent of a young man on the autism spectrum, posted the article thinking it was real, and before you go and call her stupid,, let me tell you something about satire. It’s supposed to be funny. People rarely think an Onion article is real because The Onion has Wit down to a Science.

So here’s a hint. You can’t just put WIT in your name. You actually have to BE witty.

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One response to “Humor Police, episode 1:

  1. I agree, what one person thinks is funny may not be to someone else, Marie. I admit I too was baffled by the odd article about ausbergers in The Onion.
    As usual, guess we all have to continue to “consider the source,” and not flip out over internet postings. After all they are simply people’s opinions, and more often than not, are not based on facts.

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