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5 Reasons New Year’s is the Best Holiday

1. Obsessing about yourself

We obsess about ourselves all year long, of course, but suddenly our list of things we want to be and do becomes socially acceptable. Oh look! Tallulah wants to lose ten pounds and finish her novel! We hit “like” instead of rolling our eyes and scrolling our screen. Because New Year’s!

2. No religious obligation

With New Year’s, there’s no wondering if you’ve spent too much on gifts to still be able to say it’s about the baby Jesus. There’s no wondering whether someone’s going to bite your head off for saying “Happy Holidays.” It’s Happy Freaking New Year for people of all ages, genders, races, and religions.

3. Staying up until midnight

As adults, we stay up until midnight all the time, but don’t you remember the thrill of getting to stay up that late when you were a kid? And the great thing for us insomniacs is that we know our friends will be up until midnight tonight, too, so we don’t have to watch TV by ourselves wondering who else is up. We come alive at a New Year’s Eve party and our friends wonder if we’re on drugs, but no. This is our time. They’re on our turf now. The night turf.

4. Sparkly stuff

Outside of music videos, when else do grown men wear giant pink sparkly glasses with the year emblazoned on them? We should have this much freedom all year, I say. And what’s with all the friends on social media saying “call me if you are too drunk to drive” this one night of the year? Why can’t I have the freedom to get blasted on Valentine’s Day? Can’t I call you then?

5. End of the holiday season

The holidays were magical, weren’t they? And exhausting. Some people love New Year’s because 2016’s going to be EPIC. Some of us are just glad the holidays are over, and come to think of it, that a whole sucky year is over. It’s a holiday that works for optimists and pessimists alike!

Happy Freaking New Year Everybody!


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