Yes, I’ve always been this funny. I may not be Tina Fey funny, but whatever level of funny I am, I’ve always been it. My friends may not have noticed any level of funniness at all when I was a kid because there was no such thing as a blog. I just wrote funny lines and cast them to the wind. In real life, I’m rather a bore.

This blog has been featured on the Erma Bombeck website, and I’ve had short works of fiction and memoir published in, among others, the Redwood Writers anthology, Extract(s) (dailydoseoflit.com), and Sisters Born, Sisters Found (edited by Laura McHale Holland). My main blog is mlmillard.wordpress.com.

My main source of income is music. Read about that at halfthatjazz.com or if you’re near Sonoma County, come hear me play with the band Awesome Hotcakes (also called Spike’s Awesome Hotcakes). Sometimes my playing is unintentionally funny.

You can find my Young Adult novella, Anaheim Tales, and my children’s book, When I Grow Up, on Amazon under the name M.L. Millard. Young Adult novel The Trade coming soon.

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