Teacher Appreciation Week

I taught band for ten years, and kindergarten for one year. Over the last 16 years, my husband has taught elementary band, second grade, and high school band, choir, music appreciation, remedial English and math. Here are some things we’ve experienced that might encourage you to thank your child’s teachers this week.

– Standing in the bathroom stall while a student barfs
– Waiting late at night with a student whose parent forgot to pick them up, even though it’s not legally safe for a teacher to be alone with a student
– Sending a kid who is meaner and bigger than us to the office
– Smiling at the kid we’ve sent to the office twelve times in three weeks
– Touching the saliva on a student’s saxophone
– Spending the day at the local parade every year with students instead of family
– Telling parents what they want to hear
– Telling parents what they don’t want to hear
– Listening to a student cry because their cat died
– Figuring out what to say to a student when their parent died
– Keeping 60 kids entertained when you think you might be coming down with the flu
– Vowing silently all semester to give an unruly student an F, and giving them a D
– Meeting with other teachers to brainstorm best methods for difficult students
– Buying dry erase pens out of our own money because it’s easier
– Buying beans and rice at the end of the month
– Reading classroom discipline books, hoping for a miracle
– Threatening boys as if their girlfriend was our daughter
– Loving them all like they’re our own

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