Today someone told me that whoever takes the Bible literally is crazy. Here’s the thing. Whatever the truth is, it’s crazy!

Some all powerful being decided to make creatures with two feet, acid-filled stomachs, eyeballs, and nosehair? That’s crazy!
– or –
A bunch of gases and particles came from nothing, bounced around, and millions of years later, turned into people walking around playing practical jokes on each other and line dancing? Crazy!

When our body dies, some part of us lives on in a place with abundant beauty and no pain? Can I have whatever you’re smoking?
– or –
When our body dies, our consciousness ceases to exist? Inconceivable!

God lets bad things happen to good people? Crazy.
– or –
There’s no purpose, no one to comfort the afflicted, and no reward for enduring? Cray cray!

It’s a crazy world. Fly-eating frogs, radio waves, herpes, Monty Python, hurricanes, squid, venus flytraps, bagpipes, blonde jokes, corsets, flatulence, stage fright, stage moms, politics, tabloids, high heels, arrogance, helium voice, childbirth, Dodger fans. An infinite list of crazy. The truth is, there’s no sane explanation for crazy. My explanation is no crazier than yours. I know what I believe, but I can hardly blame you for having a different view of this complex, vast, universe. That would just be crazy.

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One response to “Crazy

  1. Becky

    You’re crazy. But not about this. 🙂

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