5 Ways To Get Facebook Friends To Read Your Blog

Lots of people have great ideas for getting people to read your blog. Catchy titles, current events, questions, pictures, and bulleted lists are all great ideas, but here are five other observations from my own blogging experience. These numbers only reflect the friends who clicked my Facebook link, not my blog followers or those who clicked through Twitter.

1) Write about the “F” word. Or marijuana. When I wrote How To Reach The ATM Buttons, an entry I considered quite valuable and informative, I had 14 views. Guide To Using the “F” Word? 30 views! And let’s face it. We all knew how to use the “F” word already.

2) Don’t link to FB after midnight. Unless you are college age or younger, your friends are asleep, and they are not likely to scroll down very far on their feed in the morning. Try to post during high Facebook use time.

3) Tag friends on FB who are mentioned or might be interested. You may as well be begging, but a blogger’s got to do what a blogger’s got to do. People I tag generally read and comment. I think I’ll mention a few friends with blogs right now! Maybe they’ll want to read this. Crissi, Chloe, Adam, Angela, and Holly, look! You’re in my blog!

4) Don’t write fiction! My Littlefoot short stories have about 2 views each. I assume they are my sisters. (I think it’s a pretty funny series. You should read it.)

5) Keep blogging, and regularly. My numbers used to hover around 14, but my last post, Love and Hugs, got 36 clicks! I was so proud of my friends, because my husband purposely chose a positive, froofy, non-confrontational title to see if people would read it as much as my “F” word post. And when I posted Love and Hugs a second time (which I don’t normally do since I don’t want people to get sick of my blog) and mentioned that I was proud of my friends because it only had four fewer views than the F-word, fourteen MORE people clicked on it. So don’t stop blogging (I try to post twice a week so people don’t forget me) and don’t be afraid to try a friendly title.


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3 responses to “5 Ways To Get Facebook Friends To Read Your Blog

  1. Robin

    I love your blogs, they are very entertaining Marie!

  2. And the moral is . . . although it may sound “clicky”, don’t underestimate the “F” word but rejoice in the power of “love and hugs”.

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